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eCOLE comes with a large suite of Functional Modules and Technical Features, built to configure to a wide range of activities that would be required in any education environment. The eCOLE package comes with the all of the basic framework, database modules, connectivity tools, and plug-in required to run the system. The client may pick and choose from the various modules.

These include facilities for Student Management, Enquiry or Prospect Management, Payments Management, Examination Management, Attendance and Leave Management, Work Orders and Task Management, Resource Management, Scheduling and Timetables, College or School Management, Divisions and Departments Management, General Management and Housekeeping, Placements Management, Library Management, General System Administration, Course Management, Staff Management, User Management, Security, Permissions and Authentication, Reporting, Personalization Tools, System Options Management and so on. The following page details down the features.

A listing of the Key Modules in eCOLE are as follows:

1. Student Management 2. Parent Management
3. Enquiry / Prospect Management 4. Pre-Admission Management
5. Center / Facility Management 6. Payment Master / Fee Scheme Master
7. Invoice Module 8. Receipt Module
9. Credit Note Module 10. Transactions Module
11. Examinations Management 12. Attendance
13. Leave Management 14. Resources Management
15. Schedules and Timetables 16. Divisions and Departments
17. Course Management 18. Class / Batch Management
19. Semester / Term Management 20. Staff Management
21. Contact / User Management 22. Company Management
23. Placement management 24. Certification Management
25. Work Orders and Task Management 26. Venue ManagementVenue Management
27. Document Management 28. Library Management
29. Hostel Management 30. Bus and Transport Management
31. Canteen Management 32. Budget Management
33. Asset Management 34. Inventory Management
35. Housekeeping 36. Alumni Module
37. Administration 38. Security and Permissions
39. Reports Management * and 20 Basic Reports    

Download the detailed list of features here:
eCOLE Functional Access Overview 1.11.pdf
‘Manage Educational Institutes using eCOLE with efficiency and precision’

Resources Centre
eCOLE Primer 5.2
eCOLE Functional Access Overview 1.11